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Transcend – JetFlash 600

15 décembre 2011

USB Flash Drive

Transcend - JetFlash 600

Transcend - JetFlash 600

Among the two keys of the series « high speed », the JetFlash 600 is an extremely light key, which external plastic skin is very smooth and pleasant to touch.

Nothing special about this key apart from the fact that performances are unequal : the constructive announced the following speeds :

32 MB/s reading, 18MB/s writing for our 64 GB test key.

For the other keys :
Reading 32 MB/s, Writing 7 MB/s (for the 4GB model);
Reading 32 MB/s, Writing 12 MB/s (for the 8~32GB models);

With the test of one big file of 694 MB, and another of 6,06 GB, we reached very similar results (31,8MB/s reading,  19,2 MB/s writing). Promise fulfilled then.

However, it is nothing but a disaster with our tests (see here) : performances don’t fall too much when reading (27 MB/s), but as far as writing is concerned, it collapses : 5.2 MB/s.

The key has a five-year guarantee and is compatible ith Windows & Mac. The official data sheet is available here.




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