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HP – V245o

8 janvier 2012

USB Flash Drive

HP - V245o

HP - V245o

HP markets a whole range of USB keys. The brand selected PNY to make them. The V245o model is at the same time classic with a fun design.

Classic, since it is a classic flash module, woth average performances (8MB/s criting, 24MB/s reading) but also very « fun » since it is sheltered in a shockproof rubber skin, with two colours.

Positive point the USB model cannot be separated from its rubber skin (contrary to some EMTEC keys or more recently with the Hello Kitty by Dane-Elec)

The cap may not last long and may finally be lost or over-stretch, even though the key is provided with a smart cap holder.

The key has a five-year guarantee and is compatible with Windows, Linux et & Mac. The official page is here.



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