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Verbatim – Store’n’Go Audio USB

8 janvier 2012

USB Flash Drive

Verbatim Store'n'Go Car Audio

Verbatim Store'n'Go Car Audio

When the launching of the Verbatim « Audio » USB key was announced (here or here),we immediately recognized the shape of the Verbatim Netbook USB key that we tested here.

Once received, it is exactly the same key (colour, speed at the very MB, shape…) but with a suitable and — we must admit —  lovely packaging.

We deal with a marketing trick for the public to think about this USB key — which remains a classic model, except for its extreme miniaturization — when one buys a car radio (or a frame).

Then, we played the game and tested this key on 15 USB car radios, where the Verbatim key could perfectly read the music it contained.

However, none of the 15 tested models can read playlist files (m3u or pls).
See a list of car radios compatibles with USB.



Thanks to Sebasto Autoradio for having allowedus to take photos of car radios.


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