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Duracell – USB Flash Drive

15 December 2011

USB Flash Drive

Duracell clé USB

Duracell clé USB

Duracell, which is a brand famous for its alkaline batteries and USB chargers, proposes now its USB key ! Second try for the brand, after this model, always in partnership with Dane-Elec.

This key has a retractable tip, with the very same system to protect the tip itself. It is the same size as the PNY Attaché Micro Slide. No light to show the data transfer. However, the key is really pleasant, 10 times more than the former version, on several criteria : the size (much finer), the finishing (in a very good-quality metal, thick enough), the strap-system which is not going to break after a year, and a very solid blocker.

Performances are quite low : 11MB/s reading and 3.6 MB/s writing

The key has a five-year guarantee and is compatible with Windows & Mac.






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