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Patriot – Supersonic : Write 71 MB/s, Read 122 MB/s

11 novembre 2011

USB Flash Drive

Des images du produit, officielles ou mises à l'échelle sont disponibles ci-dessous.

Official or scale pictures of the product are available below.

Let’s be brief. This key is of absolutely no interest as far as its design, size, ergonomics are concerned. No clearcut here, we are in front of a key dedicated to performances.

We deal with a USB 3.0 key. For those who do not know what is the difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0, I invite you to read  this Wikipedia page. To explain in a few words, 3.0 USB is faster than 2.0USB (600 MB/s versus 60 MB/s in theory). Be careful, so as to take advantage of this speed, you not only need your USB Flash Driveto be a 3.0 model, but your computer has to possess a 3.0 USB port.

Here are the speeds on a 700 MB file.
High writing speed 71 MB/s
Averge writing speed 69 MB/s. Excellent results.
High reading speed : 122 MB/s, incredible !

I conscienciously put the high speeds in the title, and put the average transfer speed of the 2 GB file in the characteristics. This speed is lower but it represents the guaranteed minimal speed, whatever may be the transferred files.

The very good surprise comes from our tests on our file constituted with 343 subfiles.
Here are the speeds on a whole of 2GB (343 files, 19 folders)
Average writing speed 22 MB/s
Average reading speed 42,54  MB/s
No big drop when transferring several files, much better than the Transcend JetFlash 700 key.

As a conclusion : the Supersonic offers an extraordinary performance for big files (3 or 4) and remains performant with very numerous files at the same time. A very good key in the end.

The key has a five-year guarantee ans is compatiblewith  Windows.
The official constructive data sheet is available here.


- 32 Go : 97.63€ surAmazon
- 64 Go : 154.57€ surAmazon


Marque: Patriot
Type: USB 3.0
Vitesse de lecture: 42 Mo/s
Vitesse d'écriture: 22 Mo/s
Capacité: 32 Go, 64 Go
Couleur: Black
Clé rétractable: non
Logiciel fourni: non
Avec Capuchon: oui
Dragonne fournie: non



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