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EMTEC – S550 – Reading 100 MB/s, Writing 80 MB/s

23 novembre 2011

USB Flash Drive



EMTEC is well-known for its animal-shaped keys. Second key model to be focused on professional use, after the « S450 AES – professional key« , the S550 is the first 3.0 USB Flash Drive of the brand.

This plane-parallel key, which design only lies in its brushed metal, has on one side a classic cap, and on the other side a blue diode (lovely diffuse light) to show data transfer.


Writing : the measuring software tells 79 MB/s, but our tests with our gross measures software (one 12 GB file) tell 73,65 MB/s and our classic (but rude) protocol tells 28,16 MB/s
Reading : the measuring software tells 133 MB/s, our tests with our gross measures software tell (one 12 GB file) tell 130 MB/s and our classic but rude protocol tells 32 MB/s
In other words, performances reach highs (congratulations, EMTEC), and the S550 resists very wekll to this torture.

The key has a two-year guarantee and is compatible with Windows & Mac. The official constructive data sheet is available here.




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