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SuperTalent -3.0 USB DataGuardian

23 novembre 2011

USB Flash Drive

SuperTalent is not so much known in France. Too bad, since their keys are good-quality. The 3.0 USB DataGuardian key model is particular thanks to one characteristic : it is one of the finest and soberest 3.0 USB keys on the market (just as the Transcend TF 700).
It is grey-coloured and has a classic cap on one side. On the other side, a plastic tip enables the user to hang it to one’s keyhole. This tip inserts a small LED, which shows the data transfer.

§They are sinews of war, particularly for brands which propose 3.0 USB Flash Drives.
Here are the results on a 2.0 USB port
Writing  10,81 MB/s (quite bad)
Reading  62,11 MB/s (very good)
Here are the results on a 3.0 USB port
Writing 12,5 (barely more than with a 2.0 USB)
Reading 74,34 (very good)
We were very suprised and disappointed by the difference between the announcement of performances (« 85 MB/s reading and 40 MB/s writing ») and the reality of the tests, with  our protocol or our bench softwares (CrystalDiskMark and FlashMemory Toolkit) … When we tested rival key models, results were about 10% lesser compared with the annoucement. Here, it is far lower…

le mot de passe ? des chiffres obligatoirement

Password ? Necessarily numbers.

As well as proposing a 3.0 USB key, the brand also proposes a data protection system. The system is inserted in the Flash Drive. As a result, there is no half-measure : no public part, everything is private in absentia.

Failure (or bug) the letters are not accepted as composing the password (see the screenshot)
You cannot erase your data. You have to use a DataGuardian recovery tool software available hereIt is a pity since rival keys propose to automatically erase data after one entered 7, 10 or even 15 wrong passwords.

In the end, a 3.0 USB key very fine and sober, good at reading but which does not satisfy our expectations (as far as software and writing speed are concerned).

The key is compatible with Windows & Mac. The official constructive data sheet is available  here.

Peter Carcione, chef de produit chez SuperTalent, nous fait la démo du produit
Image de prévisualisation YouTube



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