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Kingston – Data Traveler 6000

2 novembre 2011

USB Flash Drive

Kingston DT6000

Kingston DT6000

Just as the Data Traveler 4000 and Data Traveler 5000 USB Flash Drives, Kingston wants to reach the professional field, completely concerned with high level security. The brand just announced its Data Traveler 6000 USB key model.
In this blog, we classified this kind of key as « professional« .

The press release specifies the hardware protection degree, which is located in the key and does not limit itself to the software : « 256 bits AES hardware based on a XTS encryption mode. This last-generation XTS mode provides  a better protection than the other modes such as CBC and ECB. The USB DT 6000 also uses the « military level » of cryptography on elliptic curves (ECC), recommanded by the American National Security Agency (NSA), as a part of the B series of cryptography algorithms. »

In other words, this key has been created for people who are almost paranoiac about security, even though the confidentiality of some files requires this level of protection.

For users, at the first contact : the key is entirely secure (no « public » partition as in some other keys). One may start off with installing the « DataTraveler 6000 secured by Spyrus » interface. Well done : it is possible to enter some public information so as to enable the person who found the key to read them (and thus potentially give the lost key back to its owner).

L'utilisateur est invité à rentrer son mot de passe pour voir le contenu de sa clé.

User are invited to enter their password so as to see the key

After 10 intrusion trials (i.e. unsuccessful password attempts), the USB Flash Drive locks, and the encryption key is destroyed and the content is erased, formatted.
However, one and only flaw noticed on a PC Windows 7 64 bits, the program does not close. Once the key removed, one may thus stop the program. If one does not, once the key plugged again, it won’t ask for the access password spontaneously.
On Windows 7, 32 bits, it is remarkable.

As far as performances are concerned, they are quite low (6,06 MB/s writing, 11,49 MB/s reading) but the main goal here is to protect data, which explains the price of  the Data Traveler 6000.

The USB Flash Drive has a five-year guarantee and is compatible with Windows & Mac. The official data sheet is available here.


- 2 Go : 123.60€ surAmazon
- 4 Go : 66.74€ surAmazon
- 8 Go : 87.74€ surAmazon
- 16 Go : 105.99€ surAmazon


Marque: Kingston
Type: USB 2.0
Vitesse de lecture: 11 Mo/s
Vitesse d'écriture: 6 Mo/s
Capacité: 2 Go, 4 Go, 8 Go, 16 Go
Couleur: Black
Clé rétractable: non
Logiciel fourni: oui
Avec Capuchon: oui
Dragonne fournie: non


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