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Patriot – Bolt

9 octobre 2011

USB Flash Drive

Des images du produit, officielles ou mises à l'échelle sont disponibles ci-dessous.

Official or scale pictures of the product are available below.

Finally, here is the Patriot key model dedicated to security. Just as the Verbatim model, the material encrytpion is a 256 bits one. At the first use, when you double-click on the key icon in Windows explorer, a password is required. It is possible to give a sentence or a clue so as to come across your password again. At the second use, the storage unit does not appear. In the explorer only appears a padlock but not the storage unit. Clicking on the padlock, the software asks for the password. Be careful, when the program requires the password, the data is erased after 10 unsuccessful attemps. If the design is ordinary, we enjoyed the very simple software, but we especially enjoyed the regularity of results. Indeed, in writing as well as reading, the flow remained constant, be the carried files big (movies) or small (3 MB), it is rare enough to mention it. Constructive data sheet here. Official or scale pictures of the product are available below, as well as some measuring software captures.


- 4 Go : 19.99€ surAmazon
- 8 Go : 44.99€ surAmazon
- 16 Go : 59.99€ surAmazon
- 32 Go : 95.99€ surAmazon
- 64 Go : 169.99€ surAmazon


Marque: Patriot
Type: USB 2.0
Vitesse de lecture: 32 Mo/s
Vitesse d'écriture: 12 Mo/s
Capacité: 4 Go, 8 Go, 16 Go, 32 Go, 64 Go
Couleur: Black
Clé rétractable: non
Logiciel fourni: oui
Avec Capuchon: oui
Dragonne fournie: non



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