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Deonet – The smallest USB key in the world.

8 janvier 2012

USB Flash Drive

Deonet clé USB la plus petite du monde

Deonet, the smallest USB key in the world.

Deonet, Dutch constructive of promotional products such as USB keys, talked, in its press realease, about the launch of « the smallest USB key in the world ».

Damn, what an anouncement ! Facing such an event, we asked for testing the key.
I really invite you to look at the gallery of this article, where we made several shots with other keys.
When we received it, it is astonishing how the ley is tiny : it can be classified in the same category as the nano keys. It is extremely thin, light and is barely perceptible when connected to the USB port. So tiny that one could lose it in a bag or a pocket. Deonet had the good idea to provide a strap.
The model we received can take 16 GB of data : this ratio size / capacity surprized everybody I know.

So then, is it really the smallest USB key in the world ?
The advertisement is nice and the operation was carried off successfully since Deonet got itself talked about.
We made numerous pictures and here are our conclusions : it is taller than the SanDisk Cruzer Fit or the Verbatim Audio USB keys. It is as thin as the Verbatim Micro USB Drive key.
So, the answer is NO, it is not the smallest USB key in the world. Nevertheless, it has the smallest volume in the world : in other words, the less cumbersome if one wants to be precise. But let’s take advantage of this particularly miniaturized and satisfying Deonet USB key.
It will join the other nano keys which please little office jokes, such as « See, I have the smallest one ! »

As far as performances are concerned: about 4 MB/s writing and 12 MB/s reading, i.e. quite classic results for such a tiny key.
The key is compatible with Windows & Mac. The official data sheet is available here. The price will be available by the end of January.



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