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Kingston – Data Traveler 101

8 janvier 2012

USB Flash Drive

Kingston - Data Traveler 101

Kingston - Data Traveler 101

This DataTraveler 101 (G2 as second generation) is a classic key (as far as shape, performances and price are concerned) but coloured and one of the rare keys to have an inserted software set.

Commonly called by its nickname DT 101 G2, this key as made of two parts. The first one is translucent plastic which colour depends on the capacity (2GB in yellow, 4GB in blue, 8GB in red, 16 GB in black and 32GB in mauve). The second part is in metal, and protects the tip which must be connected on the computer. A few word more about this second part : at the extremity, there is a hole in the metal (very solid then) so as to tie a strap. Other remark : with time, this part may pivot involuntarily and then may protect the tip no more. It only needs to be undone, tightened with a pressure on it and finally replaced.

n the center is located a small diode, to show the data transfer.

As far as performances are concerned, the 4GB model we tested only offered classic performances for a key of this capacity :  4,7 MB/s en écriture etwriting and 19,2 MB/s reading. We saw worse and better.

Congratulation to Kingston for having inserted a software (« urDrive », only PC compatible). This last one allows the user to take advantage of an extremely simple interface so as to reach music, pictures and videos present in the key (if some people prefer this to their own organization…), but also reach an MP3 reader or to download application programs (as iTunes does).

It is a bright idea to propose an interface dedicated to kids, to surf on the Internet (with sites proposed in ausentia which may obviously be personalized), to watch videos, to draw, to do some ludic activities (decorate a room, a living-room…). Everything under the control of a password put by a parent.

As far as this application program is concerned, unfortunately it has to be installed on the computer and not only on the key. Eventually, we think that it lacks portable softwares (i.e. directly manageable from the USB key) and some tools as those we could find on EMTEC keys : a browser, a picture displayer, an office set…
Let’s end it up by talking about the possibility, through this software, to have a free online backup of 2GB (it is an offer from their partner SOS Online Backup which, unfortunately, forces the user to install a software on the PC and does not clearly mentions the lenght of this offer…)

The key has a five-year guarantee and is compatible with Windows, Linux & Mac. The official constructive data sheet is available here.



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