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Dane-Elec – Batman

8 janvier 2012

USB Flash Drive

Dane-Elec Batman

Dane-Elec Batman

Dane-Elec has a good rank as far as licensed keys, i.e. using logos and official movie or products brands. We already talked about the « Hello Kitty » key, we’ll soon talk about the « Harry Potter » key. Here is the Batman key.

The super-hero becomes then a USB key. Very good surprise here since the model has a far better quality than our Mimbot Batman key. More solid protective rubber, a figurine which respects more the curves of the Comic, and, last but not least elegance, the logo lights up when the key is connected and flases on and off when data is transfering.

Performances are clearly low (2,85MB/s writing, 15,6 MB/s reading) but here, the aim is to please a kid or teenager who wants to transfer his or her mp3.

The key has a five-year guarantee and is compatible withWindows & Mac.



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