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Dane-Elec – Hello Kitty « Cat Head » USB Flash Drive

13 décembre 2011

USB Flash Drive

Dane-Elec - Hello Kitty "Cat Head"

Dane-Elec - Hello Kitty

As far as marketing is concerned, the brand Hello Kitty must be so happy ! The Hello Kitty licensed products is in excellent health, there isn’t any kids’ shop which doesn’t have Hello Kitty products, since the market is really profitable and the success is showing. Pure frenzy.

In brief, it was obvious that USB keys brands would take this licence as soon as they could !

Swarovski tried (see here) Verbatim too (see here) and Mimobot as well (see here)…

Mais pour les avoir eues toutes entre les mains, ce n’était pas l’extase (tests auprès de petites filles entre 6 et 12 ans). Mais en recevant la clé de Dane-Elec (le modèle « tête de chat »), je vous avoue que j’ai été convaincu et mes « testeuses » aussi. The rubber (which smells nice) is top-quality. The detail of the cat head doesn’t seemto be a slapdash job. THey key resists to 2-meters high falls, and… to a 1100 rotation spin-drying at -30°C without being hurt (a report on this subjet coming soon) !

Performances are bare minimum (we’ve seen worse and better) but the goal here is for a young lady to move her files. It is perfect in this sense.
The key has a five-year guarantee and is compatible with Windows & Mac. The official constructive data sheet is available here.






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