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Mimobot – StarWars

12 décembre 2011

USB Flash Drive

Star Wars - La guerre des étoiles en clé USB

Star Wars - The USB Flash Drive

The more than cult saga also exists in USB keys. The constructive Micomo (Mimobot) took responsibility for this. From Dark Vador to Yoda, R2-D2, Stormtroopers, every character is present. Take a look at the very complete gallery of this article, among which we put our scale pictures.
Okay, those keys do not reach the level of collector figurines, and the performances reach the bare minimum (yes my dear, there is a USB trade union !). It is thus an allusion and not a 1/50 scale. These models are dedicated to children or… adults who cannot resist to it.

We bought two keys (see pictures of the gallery) and tested both of them.

The link in the list of prices concerns the Dark Vador character… but here are the other characters below.

C3PO or Z6PO : here

R2-D2 : here

Stormtrooper : here

Ewoks : here

Yoda : here

We cannot resist to display the links towards the Mikado and Volkswagen adverts.
Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Those keys have a two-year guarantee and are compatible with Windows & Mac




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