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EMTEC – S350

17 septembre 2011

USB Flash Drive


This is a old EMTEC key model that we are testing today. The S360 model for him (we promise to test it this week) and the S350 model for her are EMTEC old key models. This key « for her » is a really good product for little girls and young adolescents who want a USB key. It has little pastes (like Swarovski ones) and a mirror surface. It is provided with a small strap which has a small snap clasp. Its tiny size and finishing quality create a very nice key. Results are quite low though : 4 MB/s writing and 16MB/s reading but results are not what we expect from such a key.  It has a five-year guarantee and it is compatible with Windows, Linux & Mac. The constructive data sheet is available here.


- 4 Go : 31.89€ surAmazon


Marque: Corsair
Type: USB 2.0
Vitesse de lecture: 16 Mo/s
Vitesse d'écriture: 4 Mo/s
Capacité: 2 Go, 4 Go
Couleur: Silver
Clé rétractable: non
Logiciel fourni: non
Avec Capuchon: non
Dragonne fournie: oui

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