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Transcend – JetFlash 560

5 décembre 2011

USB Flash Drive

Des images du produit, officielles ou mises à l'échelle sont disponibles ci-dessous.

Official or scale pictures of the product are available below.

Transcend does not focus on adventurers, security or speed supporters here, but simply on those who want a quite chic and elegant key. The body proposes a lovely grey and black checkerboard pattern.

The tip is very fine, and thus more fragile, and retracts on the inside of the key with a simple move of thumb. In open and close positions, a safety catch blocks the part which is going to be connnected to the USB port.

Besides its Recovery Tool software (one may download it here) which enables the user to take erased data back, we invite you to download the JetFlash Elite software here  which does not need any installation and runs automatically directly form the key.
It includes various functions as automatic data backup, password data protection, suppression of your browsing trails once the key unplugged, the synchronization of your favorite webpages…

  1.   At last a really clever function of this software :  to lock your computer as long as your key is not back in the USB port.

Explanation : once you’ve started the program from your USB Flash Drive, you may choose the number of hours -between 0.5 and 168 hours) during which your PC will be locked, than click on the « Lock » function. This function enables you, once the key unplugged from the PC, to make this last unusable (by displaying images of your choice ,such as a screesaver).
Even when rebooting it, if the key is not connected, the PC will remain locked. Reconnect the key and your PC unlocks automatically.
The software is not provided in absentia but it deserves your attention so much that I mark it as part of the « provided software » category.

As far as performances are concerned, with our hardest tests, the key reaches a writing speed of 8,69 MB/s  and a reading speed of 11,97 MB/s. It is thus a good average.

The key is guaranteed for life and is compatible with Windows, Linux & Mac. The official constructive data sheet is available here.



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