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Sony – Micro Vault Style

9 octobre 2011

USB Flash Drive

Des images du produit, officielles ou mises à l'échelle sont disponibles ci-dessous.

Official or scale pictures of the product are available below.

The Microvault USB key is a very fine, sober and elegant one (original white glossy colour). Unfortunately, it does not include any software but many are to be freely downloaded on the Sony website. The File Rescue software can get back some damaged or erased files (JPEG photos, MPEG or MP3 videos) with a 90% success rate. File Rescue is available on for registered Sony Microvault Style owners. An other software, x-Pict Story, which enables you to create slide shows bringing users’ photos and music together with visual effects. x-Pict Story is inserted with the Picture Motion Browse softwarer, thus allowing the share of slide shows on websites like YouTube. The Microvault Style USB key exists in white colour, but rarer limited editions — green and pink colours — are available ont the Sony website (see below). Be careful therefore, Amazon links only suggest white-coloured keys. Data transfer results are low, they are just what they basically need to be. The key has a two-year guarantee, and it is compatible with Mac & PC. Constructive data sheet here. Some official or scale pictures of the product and some measuring software captures, are available below.


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