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Corsair – Flash Voyager GTR

12 décembre 2011

USB Flash Drive

Des images du produit, officielles ou mises à l'échelle sont disponibles ci-dessous.

Official or scale pictures of the product are available below.

The Corsair Flash Voyager GTR USB Flash Drive is the largest one we had to test today (we obviously do not talk about the FastKey by LaCie which is not a real USB key but a SSD key). Available capacities are quite big : 32, 64 and 128 GB. For this last one, the key is much larger.

The model has a rubber skin which gives it an undeniable robust aspect. For instance, we dropped it from a two-meters high down on asphalt without any bad consequence on its working.
No inserted software. However, Corsair provides a really solid strap with its keys, made of a flex and a 60 centimetres USB extension lead. We want to congratulate the brand for this quality of accessories very few brands possess.

As far as measured performances are concerned :
Average writing speed : 15,03 MB/s with our test protocol (highest writing speed 24,09 MB/s)
Average reading speed :  26,56  MB/swith our test protocol (highest reading speed 28,44 MB/s)

The key has a ten-year guarantee and is compatible with Windows & Mac. The official constructive data sheet is available here.





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