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Philips – Vivid Edition

9 octobre 2011

USB Flash Drive

Des images du produit, officielles ou mises à l'échelle sont disponibles ci-dessous.

Official or scale pictures of the product are available below.

With it LivingColors lights and  its Lumiware live wires, Philips gives its products a particular attention, as High-Tech as they may be : not too much colour, not to much transparency. The Vivid Edition key do not depart from those rules. The key is made of an inserted pivoting cap. Each colour corresponds to a particular storage capacity. The very fluent design is a mixture of a transparent cap and a white glossy surface.  When we tested it, women in particular found it attractive. As far as the results are concerned, we have to say that the writing and reading data transfers are very efficient for big files to carry (for small files, the speed slows down but one may not pay attention to it when it deals with small-size files). The Carry it Easy software provided with the key is a very useful Swiss army knife : files synchronization, browsing without trace, 256 bits encryption to protect the key, backup copy of your browser’s favorites. But what a disappointment : the software is only a 30 days trial (you will have to pay 9 euros to get the complete version), when we know that the other keys provide illimited software versions (for encryption), and that synchronization and recovery softwares are free ! A constructive data sheet is available here. The Vivid Edition key, compatible with Mac, Linux & PC,has a two-year guarantee. Official and scale pictures of the product, as well as measuring softwares captures, are available below.


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