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SanDisk – Ultra Backup

9 octobre 2011

USB Flash Drive

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Official or scale pictures of this product are available below.

This SanDisk key offers a totally new particularity : a backup button directly on the key itself. The principle is simple and clever. The SanDiskBackup software is already inserted in the key, and asks the user which files it has to watch so as to save them. At each « click » on the key button, the software starts and saves the data with, as an option, a data encryption. We have to mention that the software suggests online backup solutions : 2 GB offered, 30 GB for 35 € per year or  an illimited capacity for 70 € per year.  The performance is really impressive since on a set of files (movies, MP3, pictures, programs), a 2 GB file transfer speed is low (6 MB/s average), while on one only important file (a 700 MB movie), the writing speed is of 19MB/s. Constructive data sheet here. The key has a five-year guarantee and is compatible with Windows & Mac.




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