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Patriot – Rage

15 octobre 2011

USB Flash Drive

Patriot Rage

Patriot Rage

The Patriot key is a model which skin is rubber, giving a robust look to the whole. As far as the rest is concerned, it is esthetically very sober. It is a retractable key, and the mechanism to expose or hide the whole is very simple, one may have to slide a rubber sheath open or shut. Performances are excellent. When writing (data from your computer to your key) with highs up to 35 MB/s on one and only file, as well as when reading, this key is among the quickest. The constructive data sheet is here. The key has a life guarantee, and is compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux.


- 8 Go : 33.89€ surAmazon
- 16 Go : 53.69€ surAmazon
- 32 Go : 59.99€ surAmazon
- 64 Go : 125.00€ surAmazon


Marque: Patriot
Type: USB 2.0
Vitesse de lecture: 25 Mo/s
Vitesse d'écriture: 19 Mo/s
Capacité: 8 Go, 16 Go, 32 Go, 64 Go
Couleur: Black
Clé rétractable: oui
Logiciel fourni: non
Avec Capuchon: non
Dragonne fournie: non


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