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EMTEC – S300

6 novembre 2011

USB Flash Drive

EMTECplays the card f colour with its S300 key model : 4 colours corresponding to 4 capacities. Green (2 GB),Red (4 GB), White (8 GB) and Yellow (16GB). Other advantage, the s300 is very tiny : 3 cm on 1 cm on 0,6 cm once its tip is put inside thanks to a small sliding system at the back of the key. VEry light, the S300 is thus perfect to be on a keyring.

We also want to congratulate EMTEC on a third point : the brand inserted handy and very useful softwares inside a same interface, « Em-Desk ». You can find a screenshot of it in the gallery below.
A simple but awesome idea for users.

On the right side of the interface : shortcuts towards folders of the USB Flash Drive, very handy for users (documents, musics, videos, pictures).
On the left side of the interface : shortcuts towards « portable » softwares, i.e. which don’t need any installation. Office automation series, mailing program, browser, multimedia reader (to read music and movies), a picture visualizer, a compression tool, an antivirus software and eventually a password data protective tool (this last one is not very ergonomics).

The user will thus be able to use someone else’s computer using his favorites programs, without risking to damage or install already present softwares. Once the keu unplugged, no trace left. Bravo EMTEC for this good idea ! It is not provided in absentia, it deserves your attention so much so that I decided to notice « provided softwares ».

Only regret : a bare minimum writing speed. With a 16 GB key and a need to carry a lot of data, one should learn to be patient… For a 2 GB key, it is forgivable, but it is really too bad for 8GB or 16GB keys.
The data sheet is available here. The key has a five-year guarantee and is compatible with Windows & Mac.



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