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EMTEC – Professionnal USB Key

22 octobre 2011

USB Flash Drive

EMTEC - Clé USB professionnelle

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EMTEC proposes a « professionnal » key. No fancy here. The key’s cap retracts with the help of a sliding system. But why is it « professionnal » ? Because it possesses a data encryption software.

At the first use, a password is required. The key’s entire content would only be accessible if the password is correctly entered. After 6 unsuccessful trials, the key will be formatted and you will be able to use it again. This is very efficient. Nevertheless, performances are disappointing : the constructive announces « Reading up to 25 MB/s and Writing up to 15 MB/s », but during our pratical test (2 GB of various data : photos, videos, music, programs), we only state efficient results on big files.

In the end, a good but average speed. This conclusion is the same for many keys, but some of them carry out a constant flow, particularly the keys known as « security » ones. The constructive data sheet is available here. The key has a five-year guarantee and is compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux.


- 4 Go : 24.77€ surAmazon
- 8 Go : 34.18€ surAmazon
- 16 Go : 56.02€ surAmazon
- 32 Go : 99.99€ surAmazon


Marque: Emtec
Type: USB 2.0
Vitesse de lecture: 22 Mo/s
Vitesse d'écriture: 7 Mo/s
Capacité: 4 Go, 8 Go, 16 Go, 32 Go, 64 Go
Couleur: Black
Clé rétractable: oui
Logiciel fourni: oui
Avec Capuchon: non
Dragonne fournie: non



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